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Jancis Robinson

Champagne Rosé - Note: 16.5/20
" Strawberries and florals. Bright and dry and mouth-watering. Thirst-quenching, in fact. Absolutely bang-on with Slovenian prsut - a wine that loves the salty, intense, sweet meatiness of cured pork." - TC

Champagne Brut - Note 16/20
" Floral and lemons.
Fresh and citrus-flesh filled. Flavours of a slice of warm white bread thick with butter and homemade lemon curd. Immensely satisfying." - TC


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Champagne Les Champs Renard 2013 - vin réussi Détails

Wine Spectator

Champagne Brut NV : 85/100

"A light and tangy Champagne, with a zesty bread and an easy-drinking mix of honeycrisp apple, grated ginger and orange zest. " - AN


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Champagne Brut Nature Double soléra - "successful wine"

Champagne Réserve - "successful wine"


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Art de Vigne 2004 - 2 stars, "remarkable wine"

Champagne Prestige vintage 2006 : 1 star - "very successful wine"


Concours des vins "Elle à table" magazine

Champagne Réserve - Silver medal

Art de Vigne 2004 - Gold medal

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Champagne Brut - 1 star, "very successful wine"


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Brut Nature (1 estrella).

Un vin presque parfait

Sélection (1 estrella).


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Prestige 2005 (2 estrellas).

Grande Réserve ( cité ).

Un vin presque parfait

Prestige (1 estrella).